RightCoach™ On-Demand Coaching

With over 35 years of experience delivering industry-leading coaching solutions, our virtual, on-demand coaching programmes nurture talent and develop workforce insights with globally-consistent coaching available any time, anywhere.

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Introducing RightCoach™ virtual on-demand coaching

With RightCoach™, individuals take their development into their own hands. Sessions are booked using an allocation of coaching credits, with coachees selecting the time, topic and coach to suit their needs. RightCoach™ brings our expertise to leaders at all levels in your organisation: online, on-demand, in short, focused a la carte coaching sessions.

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On-Demand Situational Coaching

Experience first-hand how RightCoach’s situational coaching can help your organization build leadership skills, increase employee engagement and improve retention.


Our Coaches

With a global footprint of over 1,000 coaches, participants select the coach that matches their needs – whether that’s based on industry specialisation, personal branding expertise or experience working with board level executives.

  • Globally Accredited

    All RightCoach™ Coaches are qualified coaches and have been through a robust referencing process specific to Right Management. They have a minimum of 5 years’ coaching experience and have been in management or leadership positions before becoming coaches. Continuous Professional Development is also a requirement for the role.

  • Flexible Solutions

    Individuals can return to the same coach for subsequent sessions or choose a new coach each time, depending on their development needs.

  • High Quality Delivery

    We use Touchpoint surveys and Net Promotor Scoring (NPS) to understand candidate feedback and ensure our coaches deliver a consistently high-quality experience to all participants.

High-Impact Delivery

Digital coaching for a new world of work: RightCoach offers high-impact sessions that address situational needs while building competencies for the future.

  • 30-minute sessions increase participant engagement
  • Situational coaching delivered by expert, executive coaches enables quick resolution of issues while building longer term competencies
  • Individuals can select from a wide variety of topics and chose the coach that best matches their needs.
  • Select from topics relevant to Leading oneself, Leading others and Leading the organisation
  • Identify Coaches by geography, expertise, language and timezone to best meet your needs
  • Individuals can choose to work with a favorite coach, or with multiple coaches to gain different perspectives on a topic or issue

Best-in-class Technology

Stable, proven technology platform simplifies participant experience with easy–to-use, on-demand, self-service scheduling.

  • Platform is available for scheduling 24 x 7 and sessions can be booked within 2-hours
  • Participants can select session time in 30 or 60-minute blocks
  • Robust, reporting provides real-time visibility to organisational data and insight including; engagement, satisfaction, and visibility to origanisational topics.

RightCoach™ On-Demand Coaching Resources

Learn how your organization can leverage coaching to drive and sustain change.

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